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Diego Machado



Contact Details


5349 Limestone Road,

Wilmington, DE 19808



My name is Diego Machado and I am a Bilingual Real estate agent in your area. I've lived in Delaware my whole life, I may have even been your next door neighbor! Coming from a history of Working as a leasing professional, I understand the hesitation that comes with being in between a lease and buying a house. I am here to guide you and make that process as seamless and understandable as possible. Everything from finding a buy-out option, notice to vacate, and turning In keys, I will be there to help 100% of the way. Being in the industry of leasing for quite some time, I felt it natural for the next step to take is real estate. With my big contagious smile and charisma that can take the world by storm, I'll be the one to find you your dream home.

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